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.Zeena Kalisperides

 At the age of five my mother started to teach me Sivananda yoga and I found creating new shapes with my body to be so much fun.  I loved the feeling that I experienced of being totally present and even as a child I recognised that when I played with these postures my mind felt calmer and more peaceful.  

The call to become a teacher came to me many years later whilst working as a dentist.  It was during my years as a dentist treating the effects of over consumption and unhealthy habits that I realised, if we could all just give ourselves a bit of time and space each day we could probably live much happier, healthier lives. And so my journey to share this path of wellbeing began. I completed the two year Triyoga Teacher Training course in 2013 and since then I progressively left my career as a dentist to focus fully on sharing this practice of mindful breathing and movement with as many people as I can. 

I teach Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, a traditional form of hatha yoga. It may appear on the surface to be a very physical practice, with many postures "to do". However when learnt slowly the ashtanga method practice can be integrated into the body and mind in such a way that over time it builds mental and physical strength, increases length and flexibility of muscles and brings a profound stillness and presence to the mind through focused attention to the breath.

I practice Mysore style Ashtanga vinyasa daily with Hamish Hendry and Anna Wiseman of the Astanga Yoga London Shala and I have recently completed an intensive period of study under the guidance of senior Ashtanga teacher Eileen Hall in Sydney. I have also undertaken week long intensives with Sharath Jois, the lineage holder, and Kino Macgregor. This summer I will be studying with David Williams and Manju Jois to deepen my understanding further. My gratitude also extends to my teachers Joey Miles, Anna Ashby, Jeff Phenix, Joyce McMiken and Ryan Speilman. 

Always in gratitude to my teachers and the method, it is my intention to support anyone who wishes to learn Ashtanga vinyasa at a pace that suits them and according to the method taught to me by my teachers, incorporating correct alignment and focus on breath to bring joy and peace to our day, our minds and our lives.  

"Practice and all is coming", Sri K Pattabhi Jois. 


Laura Lorente-CroninI

I am a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified teacher and have been teaching for over 2 years. However, I have been a fitness instructor for over 7 years, teaching spin and body conditioning. Whilst I still have a passion for high intensity exercise, I like to balance this with vinyasa flow yoga. My yoga classes are fun, non-competitive and always finish with relaxation. Join me to strengthen, stretch and relax. 




Diana VarakinaDiana VarakinaDiana Varakina

Yoga has been a part of Diana's life since 2012 when she started practicing Bikram Hot Yoga, before switching to Fierce Grace in 2013. Her practice helped her to fight depression, to work with her injuries and to be more mindful on a daily basis.

Diana completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher training with Fierce Grace in March 2017, and keeps attending various workshops and additional training courses. Her area of interest lies in injury modifications, working with different health conditions and with students who are new to yoga or generally unfit.

In her classes, Diana loves to combine playfulness with determination and a dose of inspiration. She will encourage you to explore your physical limitations and mental boundaries whilst teaching you how to take care of the body, to listen to your breath and observe flowing thoughts. She hopes that her classes will help students to deepen their practice, to develop the physical and spiritual self and to feel more refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Diana likes reading, dancing and gardening. She also likes bitter 90% dark Swiss chocolate and listening to Frank Sinatra. Diana has dyspraxia, so she might mix up lefts and rights or your elbow and knee during the class, but she is certain you will still enjoy your class!


Nikesh ShahNikesh ShahNikesh Shah

Nikesh Shah has been practicing and teaching yoga for over six years. He only started yoga due to a bit of availability on a Monday evening so thought he’d try a yoga class. Soon, he realized that he could coordinate his physical body movements through his breathing. His eyes opened to this lifestyle. As someone who has had a busy life in the city, yoga was the “my time”. He was turning into a devotee to the practice. After attending some retreats (and teaching in some) in Turkey, Cyprus, India, Portugal, and Thailand, he started to realize more and more about who he was.

What inspired me to start yoga?

I’ve always been an energetic person and love doing sports/exercise. I like the feeling of adrenaline rushing through my body. In the past, I’ve done various marathons, obstacle courses and more that I thoroughly enjoyed but I kept getting injured. This is when I realised the need to look after my body more. I tried yoga and that allowed me to not only open my body but also my mind. This was my first experience of inspiration from yoga.

What yoga means to me?

Yoga is life to me. I see it as something that is much more than the class itself. For me, it is taking your practice and using it in day to day. For example, when working in the city (London), it is extremely busy and when on the tube it is completely cramped! I take my yogic breathing to keep me calm and uphold my positive
energy despite the negativity around me. The pushing and shoving doesn’t put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day, whereas I hear lots of people complaining day in day out about this sort of frustration.  I realised that there’s a key connection between the mind and body and it works both ways. Open your body open your mind and open your mind, open your body.

Why I teach?

Yoga has changed me as a person for the better. I am calmer, open-minded, less judgemental and more forgiving. I can offer the physical and spiritual aspects of learning to people from all backgrounds, may they be busy, dormant or even just curious! Let me help you find that inner peace.


Sue DaviesSue Davies

Sue Davies

My mission is to make yoga more accessible to everyone regardless of age, health or fitness level.

I started yoga in my mid 40s when I was going through a stressful time and my mind was constantly racing as things got on top of me. Those initial weekly classes helped me to become more present and set me up for the week ahead. My regular practice gradually developed into a passion as I discovered different styles of yoga, and eventually trained to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I will be covering Laura’s Wednesday night classes 10th January 2018 while she is on Maternity leave.

After ten years of practice, yoga has become even more important to me whilst going through the menopause with disrupted sleep, anxiety and hot flushes. Through my own experiences, those of friends and colleagues I have become aware of the general lack of support available for women at this time in their lives. Please join me for an hour of gentle yoga, breathing and relaxation to help you find a sense of calm as you navigate your way through this challenging life transition. Classes run from 10.00 to 11.00 on Saturdays from 6th January 2018.